Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Global human experiment

How far can humans go? That is the question navigating the experiment us humans are conducting on the world. Certainly, the human brain has immense cognitive, psychological capabilities, and our achievements are nothing to belittle. We have succeeded in creating vast areas of study such as the sciences, and have made great discoveries in our short time on the Earth. The price tag attached to the global human experiment is great. Human advancement threatens the existence of everything that preceded us: the atmosphere, the land, the oceans, and all of the species of flora and fauna that once thrived in these regions. Derrick Jensen professes that civilization is killing the world time and time again in his two volumes of “Endgame”. He blames “the whole damned culture”, and I’m not very far behind him in my outlook on the world. The problem is that Jensen’s solution to the human global experiment is to bring civilization toward a swift, violent demise. I cannot find it in my mind to agree with such an idea. So, he wants us to continue on in our consumptive, violent human existence so that we can get just what we deserve? Atrocities we have caused, yes, but do we have to ramp up the atrocities to make a point? I’d like to die knowing that I tried completely stopping my own participation in the global human experiment rather than join Jensen’s revolution, which seems to be structured on a foundation of hatred and devoid of ethical principle.

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