Monday, November 3, 2008

The beginning of my life as a social critic

Just a couple of hours after my first social criticism on Guy's blog and already I have an opponent to my views of the conflict in the Congo. I realize is difficult for people to listen to issues that are not pleasant, and for which they feel no responsibility. When I tell people that our privileged lifestyles are connected to larger global problems, they scoff and disagree right away. "It's not my fault," they say. I don't blame them: it is a burdensome state of being to feel responsible for the world's problems. But if I'm not responsible, who is? I don't have the power or money to change the practices of major American corporations, or the governmental leaders who sanction them. I do have the power to do small things to protest the aspects of the American culture I disagree with. I have given up convenient trips to inexpensive all-in-one stores in exchange for the more expensive, local businesses. I have made a pact with my bicycle to ride it as often as possible. I will vote tomorrow, and be a proud participant of the process. These actions are both helpful and positive, but insignificant in the face of the major global issues of the modern world.
One step at a time...
My newest step is to become a committed social critic. So here I am, in my thick 12-point font armor, ready to write on high about the world as I see it and explore it. Won't you join me as I lift this bucket off of my head?


Anonymous said...

check 1-2. check 1-2.

Guy said...

Nice blog, Emma, with a great initial post.

Welcome to the blogosphere, and to the unenviable job of social critic. Your sensible sense of reality coupled with your wit, compassion, and willingness to speak truth to power, will serve you well.

Not to mention the rest of us.